Entry #2

YAY! Underdog of the week!

2011-06-22 09:47:19 by captainpower


My game become an Underdog of the week... I'm surprised LOL
This game is combined from 3 great popular books in the world. Surely you know that books:
Harry Potter?

We made those theme into 1 game for participating at Game Jam 5, we just made it in 2 days... yeah, 2/3 earlier before the deadline. Our bad, because we are newbie in Game Jam I think...

But no problem... We have a skills and we sure we can finished the game ^^
Now try our GAME! And look at THIS

Hahaha, remember my word... we just made it in 2 days!

YAY! Underdog of the week!


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2011-06-22 11:49:16

not bad, congratz anyway....


2011-07-13 16:59:07

is jaws a book? i thought it was just a movie

captainpower responds:

Jaws is based from book :) You can search on wikipedia if you like.